Have a Fun Leather Adventure!

Let us teach your scouts, help them make two projects and tour the store. They'll learn something and have fun doing it. You'll be their hero and it won't cost you a lot! Simply pick two projects from the list and schedule your group. It's only $3.50 per person!!

A.  Den doodle J.  Leather Bookmark
B.  Copper Foil Picture K.  Leather Belt Totem
C.  Beadie Critter Key Ring L.  Leather Heart Medallion
D.  Bead & Conch Key Ring M. Leather Braided Wristband
E. Alphabet Letter beads Choker N.  Leather Arrowhead medallion
F.  Leather Magnet - Star, Diamond or Oval                       O.  Little Bit Coin Holder
G. Leather Key Ring or Key Chain P.  Mini Hide Indian Medallion
H.  Leather Bolo - Heart or Boot Q.  Indian Headband w/ Bead dangles
I.  Leather Neckerchief Slide R.  Mini Leather Canoe


Here are some sample projects:

Mini canoe




Little bit Coin Holder

Mini Leather canoe   Indian Headband   Little bit Coin Holder
 Braided Wristband    

Poil picture


Leather Totem Necklace

Leather Braided Wristband   Copper Foil picture   Leather Arrowhead

leather Key Ring

Leather Key Ring