Cosplay Classes

Cosplay Classes


Class/Instructor:         Date/Time:
Beginning Worbla- Bracers          
Ainsley Bircher    

Ainsley Bircher

  Sat. Feb 23    1-4 pm
Learn to work with Worbla by making bracers



Ainsley Bircher     Ainsley Bircher 
Sat June 15   1-4 pm
Learn to make helmets. This is an advanced class and requires Worbla experience
Leathercraft for Cosplay        


Shana Bullough     Shana Bullough   Sat May 18  1-4 pm
Learn leathercraft skills, with a focus on belts and straps.
Making Props- Advanced          
Michael Welch     Michael Welch    TBA
Building props using EVA Foam
Thermoplastics 101          
Danielle Phillips      Danielle Phillips   Sat. Apr 27   1-4 pm
Learn about thermoplastics and how to use them in cosplay
Detailing & Organics          
Danielle Phillips      Danielle Phillips   Sat. May 11   1-4 pm
Sculpting with Worbla
Ren Fisher      Ren Fisher
Make a simple LED circuit and learn how to use it in your cosplay
Ainsley Bircher      Ainsley Bircher   TBA
A hands-on class making breastplates with Worbla and craft foam

PVC for Cosplay (Sintra)
Renna Mira      Renna Mira   Sat. Dec 1    1-4 pm
Learn to work with PVC. Make an arm or vambrace          
EVA Foam - Making Pauldrons          
Ren Fisher      Ren Fisher   Sat. Mar 9    1-4 pm
Discover EVA Foam, design and make paudrons          
Meet & Greet         TBA
Meet the instructors, bring your projects and questions, make friends, geek out!
Classes being planned:        
     Decorating & Embellishing  
     Prep for Finishing        
     Cosplay Design
     Molding and Casting        
     Modding Found Parts      
If you have a suggestion for a class you'd like
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