Cosplay Classes

Cosplay Classes

Class/Instructor:       Date/Time:
Beginning Worbla        
Ainsley Bircher  

Ainsley Bircher

  Sat. Feb 17    1-4 pm
Learn to work with Worbla by making bracers



Ainsley Bircher   Ainsley Bircher 
Learn to make helmets. This is an advanced class and requires Worbla experience
Leathercraft for Cosplay      


Shana Bullough   Shana Bullough   TBA
Build a bracer and learn basic leathercraft skills..
Making Props- Advanced        
Michael Welch   Michael Welch    Sat. Feb 3rd   1-4 pm
Building props using EVA Foam
Thermoplastics 101        
Danielle Phillips    Danielle Phillips   Sat. Feb 10th   1-4 pm
Learn about thermoplastics and how to use them in cosplay
Danielle Phillips    Danielle Phillips   Sat. Jan 20th  1-4 pm
Sculpting with Worbla
Ren Fisher    Ren Fisher
Sat. Jan 27th  1-4 pm
Make a simple LED circuit and learn how to use it in your cosplay
Ainsley Bircher    Ainsley Bircher    TBA
A hands-on class making breastplates with Worbla and craft foam
Classes being planned:        
     Decorating & Embellishing  
     Prep for Finishing        
     Cosplay Design
     Molding and Casting        
     Modding Found Parts      
If you have a suggestion for a class you'd like
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