Cosplay Classes

Cosplay Classes

Class/Instructor:       Date:
Ainsley Bircher  


  Sat. April 1st   1 to 4 pm
Build a breastplate using Worbla and craft foam.
Worbla- Basic         


Melody Tripp   Melody   


Make a pattern. Build a bracer with Worbla and craft foam
Worbla- Intermediate      


Melody Tripp   Melody   TBA
Preparing Worbla for finishing; straps and attachments
Worbla- Advanced      
Melody Tripp   Melody    TBA
Painting and finishing your Worbla project
Cosplay Design      
Michael Welch   Michael    TBA
Going from concept to design
Choosing Materials       TBA
Michael Welch & Shana Bullough   Michael   Shana
Materials and how to use them
L.E.D.'s       TBA
Jason Luu   Jason    
Lighting your project
Arduino       T B A
Jason Luu   Jason    
Advanced lighting and programming
Modding Found Parts       T B A
Robert Aswin   Robert    
Making cosplay items from unrelated stuff
Weathering       T B A
Michael Welch   Michael    
Make your project look used and worn