Cosplay Classes

Cosplay Classes

Class/Instructor:       Date/Time:
Making Props        
Michael Welch  

Michael Welch

  Sat. July 8th   1 to 4 pm
Learn to build props using EVA Foam
Leathercraft for Cosplay    Shana     


Shana Bullough    
Sat. Aug 5th  1 to 4 pm
Build a bracer and learn basic leathercraft skills..


Ainsley Bircher   Ainsley   Sat. Aug 12th   1 to 4 pm
Build a basic pauldron and begin adapting it to your costume design.
Classes being planned:        
     Decorating & Embellishing  
     Prep for Finishing        
     Cosplay Design
     Choosing Materials        
     Modding Found Parts      
If you have a suggestion for a class you'd like to attend
     Please send us your ideas HERE